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Let's face it -- TV Infomercials work.  They generate sales.  They build relationships.  They grow revenue and profits.  They even draw votes and community support.  Infomercials are valuable tools in the world of commerce and in the world of politics and in brand building and in social action.  Infomercial programs work so well that broadcast TV and Cable TV and even the Internet are filled with them.

Many business owners and media managers want to have an Infomercial but they don't know where or how to start.  They want to know how much does it cost to produce an Infomercial?  They ask me what costs are involved?  What costs do I have to pay for now, and what costs do I pay for later?  How quickly does it take to create an Infomercial?  Where can I broadcast my Infomercial?  How much does it cost to put my Infomercial on TV?  Well, this is the place to start, because here I am going to give you some of the basics about producing and having a TV or Internet Infomercial.

The first question is how much does an Infomercial cost?  Well, there are really two answers to the question how much does an Infomercial cost?  You see, there are actually two costs -- the fixed cost or the production cost, and the variable cost which is the cost of broadcasting your program.

The smaller cost is actually the fixed cost -- the one-time charge of producing or creating your Infomercial program.  The bigger costs are the variable charges which include broadcasting your Infomercial.  Of course, if you put your Infomercial on the Internet there are no broadcast charges and we always put the Infomercials we produce for TV on the Internet also -- and you should do that too.

So what about the cost of TV air time?  It will vary.  You can buy a half hour of TV airtime in a city such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas in the "overnight hours" for $400 or even as low as $200.  You can also buy daytime and late afternoon or early evening broadcast times on certain stations and the charges will vary, as will the availability.  Or you could buy a half hour of TV airtime on a Cable TV network for a nationwide broadcast for $3,000 or $7,000 or even more depending on the day and time and the cable channel.  What you should keep in mind is that all prices are negotiable because TV airtime is a commodity and volume discounts apply. 

The other thing you should keep in mind is that you should be prepared to run (broadcast) your program a minimum of 20 times over the course of a year to properly amortize the cost of production.  In fact, I tell all my clients that unless they are prepared to broadcast an Infomercial at least 20 times over the course of the year, it probably makes no sense to go to the expense of producing an expensive Infomercial.  Yes, you can produce a low-cost Infomercial for airing only one or two times, and we have done that for clients in certain specific cases.

How much does it cost to produce an half-hour TV Infomercial?  We have produced half-hour shows that only used an interview format for as little as $4,000 including the fees for "closed-captioning" which are required in certain time periods on TV.  We have also produced half-hour shows that cost $30,000 because they involved shooting in various locations and different cities over several days and then we had several days of post production and editing.  It would not be realistic to give anyone an estimate of the cost of producing the half-hour program without knowing what kind of program they want.

All television production has four elements: people, facilities, time and money.  When you have the right people in place, and you have the facilities including the equipment, and you properly plan your time then you can save money.  We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a quality product at the lowest possible cost.  And when we buy TV air-time for our clients, we do not mark-up the cost of air time and we will show you the actual prices that the TV stations and networks charge if you allow us to also purchase the media time for your program.

One reason why our TV Infomercial prices are low is that we use a "news style" and a "reality format" for our programs.  We avoid studios and paid actors and because we produce our TV Infomercials like a news story the costs are low but the credibility in the eyes of the viewers is high.

I'd like to discuss your project with you.  Please contact me at and allow me to give you free information about how much your infomercial might cost to produce and to broadcast on TV and Cable TV channels.  Call me -- and pick my brain.  Let's talk about your Infomercial project and let me give you ideas that will save you money.  And below, read more about me and see examples of our TV Infomercials and commercials.

Best, Alan Mendelson

Alan Mendelson is the Host and Producer of The Best Buys TV Show which is an Infomercial program broadcast on KCOP Channel 13 in Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It was previously seen on KCAL Channel 9, a CBS-owned station, in Los Angeles. Alan is also the host and producer of various TV Infomercials for various companies, law firms, and colleges.

Before becoming an Infomercial host, Alan had many years of experience as an award-winning Consumer News Reporter, Business News Reporter and Consumer Advocate in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

Alan's website for The Best Buys TV Show is and you can contact Alan at for information about his professional services.

Alan and his team can produce for you your own half hour TV Infomercial for broadcast nationwide or in particular cities and markets.  Media buying services and media research are also available.  Alan can also host or direct your program.  In addition, Alan and his team can produce a wide range of TV and radio commercials and programs for you, and this includes website videos.  Alan can also assist you in website management and search engine optimization as well as the creation of original content for your website project.

Alan is also experienced in crisis public relations and he has produced for S&P 500 companies TV commercials and videos on an immediate and urgent and confidential basis for public relations, marketing and special shareholder meetings.

If you are a news reporter or journalist and need a resource for reports about advertising or marketing or consumer shopping trends, Alan is avaialble for interviews in person or by telephone.

Below are some of the recent half-hour TV Infomercials and commercials that Alan hosted and produced for clients.

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